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HelloMaps currently allows the geolocation of the following extensions:


If the extension you are using is not supported, you can request us to develop or you can return to visit regulary our site because we will add some new plugins each month.


Custom Plugins Markers Image

For Each Plugin you can choose different marker image and in some cases with some advanced options.

For example in the plugin:
HelloMaps Plugin JomSocial Member you can choose for 3 type of Marker Image:

avatar-image1. Avatar Image
It load avatar profile

2. Profile Type / Category Icon
Choose different marker icons for each profile type

map-marker3. Custom Image
Load you custom image for all markers

Multiple Maps by Plugins

an additional advantage of hello maps is the ability to use multiple maps on different pages of your site through the use of modules.

Unlike other systems, this alone is not enough, in fact, what would have the same map anywhere?
Thanks to Hellomaps you can also decide what types of objects from the marker plugin show.
For example, suppose you are using HelloMap with the following plugins installed:

1. HelloMaps Plugin for Joomla Users
2. HelloMaps Plugin for Joomla Articles


Thanks to the parameters in the module, you can choose to show only or both markers specific for plugins, so a page can show users on the map, in other articles on the map, and / or another still both articles and users on the same map.

Some Backend Admin Params

HelloMaps is a Google Maps System for Joomla designed with the users and administrator in mind. Through the following parameters will be able to customize each map and make it truly unique.

( Layout Params )


  • Show / Hide Sidebar
  • Load Open / Closed
  • Show on Left / Right
  • Width Size


  • Show / Hide Notices
  • Notice Html Editor Area
  • Notice Type - "Global" or "By Plugins"


  • Enable / Disable Search on Fields
  • Enable / Disable Radius Search with distance in miles

Counter Results:

  • Show / Hide Results
  • Notice Type - "Global" or "By Plugins"
  • Show on Top / Bottom

Content Informations:

  • Enable / Disable Content Informations


  • Enable / Disable (only in Professional Version)
  • Url Link

( Map Options Params )

Map Type:

  • Enable / Disable Satellite View
  • Enable / Disable Terrain View
  • Enable / Disable Street
  • Default View OnLoad


  • Enable / Disable Clustering System
  • Upload Custom Clusters Image


  • Enable / Disable Infowindows
  • Width Size
  • Height Size

Map Events:

  • Enable Mouse Scrool Zoom
  • Enable Markers Mouse Over
  • Enable Sidebar Mouse Over

Initialize Map:

  • Autocenter Markers
  • Center on Users Position (Autolocate)
  • Default Latitude
  • Default Longitude

Map Size:

  • Width Size (px or percentage)
  • Heigth Size (px or percentage)

 ...and more features.  Discover them today !

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