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Google Maps for Mosets Tree Extension

show Mosets Tree Items in professional google maps

by Mosets Tree plugin you can locate the items of your directory on HelloMaps into google maps.
Once you have installed the plugin the system automatically creates a new tab in the sidebar and the markers on the map for all Mosets Tree items correctly geolocated. 

Mosets Tree - HelloMaps Plugin Options

The HelloMaps plugin for Mosets Tree is highly customizable. 
These are some of the available parameters:

Plugin Tab Title

Eg. "Section" or "Directory" or "YoursiteName" or what you want

Show in Sidebar

Yes: activate tabs and functions for sidebar
No: it not display Mosets Tree Items tabs but only markers in the map

Search & Radius


Decide which fields "text-based" you want to include in the search
Eg:sobipro-map-search, ect....

and you can also enable Radius Search and Distance


Categories / SubCategories Filters

Decide if you want to include Categories Filters in the Sidebar and combine with Search

Eg: sobipro-categories-map,etc...

For Example if in previous search field you have inserted the field "ad_name", you can perform a combined search like:

"Shows all items that belong to the subcat "1" and have name that you want"

Markers Icon Type

  1. From Ads Image
    View as a marker photo


  2. Categories Icons
    Choose different marker icons for each category


  3. Custom Image
    Load you custom image for all markers





Enable or Disable info's when user click Marker

Markers Total Counter


Show at top or bottom of the map the result of user geolocated for zoom area or global as you want.

Notice Area HTML Text

Inform your Visitors and users about important news, tips, notes when they open the plugin tab.




HelloMaps allow you to add functional google maps for Mosets Tree in easy steps

After you have configured the Mosets Tree plugins,
Via HELLOMAPS MODULE, you can publish different google maps for Mosets Tree in several pages of joomla and decide to link to all or only some plugins for displaying markers. You can decide to have a map that shows the results of all the plugins or maps for individual components.

HelloMaps Module itself allows you to customize the look of the graphics and functionality present in HelloMaps.

Special partnership with Mosets.com

Use the coupon “HELLOMAPSMTPLUS3MO” and received extra 3 months for your Mosets Tree License.

How to work:
To claim this offer, first, you must purchase Mosets Tree from Mosets.com & HelloMaps (Pro or Geek Version) from JoomlaForce.com, and then send the coupon through the contact form at http://www.mosets.com/contact.

1) Using the e-mail used to purchase Mosets Tree
2) and must be redeemed within 30 days of their Mosets Tree purchase.
3) coupon is applicable to new subscription only. It’s not applicable to subscription renewal.

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